Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia and Colleagues funded by USDA/CDFA


The University of California, University of Florida’s Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Texas A&M University, California State University, and the USDA – Agricultural Research Service’s National Clonal Germplasm Repository ‐ Tree Fruit & Nut Crops & Grapes, funded to develop strategies to increase marketable yield of pomegranate in California and Florida.

Amount Awarded: $885,801

Recent Publications from Dr. Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia and colleagues



   Postharvest Quality of Imported, Domestic, and Minimally Processed Pomegranate Fruit



   Register of New Fruit and Nut Cultivars List 50


   Boosting predictabilities of agronomic traits in rice using bivariate genomic selection   


   Inference of Chromosome-Length Haplotypes Using Genomic Data of Three or a Few More Single Gametes

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