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The Institute is organized around an 11,000 sq. ft. the suite of Instrumentation Facilities at Noel T. Keen/Batchelor Hall that serves as a centralized, shared-use resource for faculty, staff, and students.  These facilities are housed within the same building, providing researchers with the ability to access diverse technologies and expertise at one location.

Each Core Facility is spearheaded by a PhD-level Academic Coordinator, who conducts training workshops and seminars on a regular basis and may participate in the research of our principal investigators. In addition, the core facilities’ management and staff harness the resources of other campus departments and research centers, including the High-Performance Computing Cluster, to perform and encourage interdisciplinary research and training initiatives.

The Core Facilities and staff offer advanced tools in the following areas to provide a focal point for broad-based cutting-edge biological research:


Core Facilities

Collaboration Partner

  • Genomics

    Genomics - supporting research in the sequencing of genomes, RNASeq, ChIPSeq, methylSeq, metagenomics, and chemical genomics.

  • Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics – providing resources for large-scale comparative genomics, data mining, systems modeling, and drug discovery.

  • Metabolomics/Lipidomics

    Metabolomics/Lipidomics – Metabolites are the end products of regulation at the genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic levels, hence serve as the most feasible, direct correlative measure of cellular phenotype. Metabolomics aims to identify and quantify all of the metabolites present in a given system.

  • Proteomics

    Proteomics– promoting understanding in how thousands of cellular proteins are affected during growth or as a result of treatments or stresses.

  • HPCC (High-Performance Computing Center)

    HPCC – The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) provides state-of-the-art research computing infrastructure and training accessible to all UCR researchers and affiliates at low cost. This includes access to the shared HPC resources and services summarized below. The main advantage of a shared research computing environment is access to a much larger HPC infrastructure (with thousands of CPUs/GPUs and many PBs of directly attached storage) than what smaller clusters of individual research groups could afford, while also providing a long-term sustainability plan and professional systems administrative support.

Researchers and Students supported by Core Facilities

All facilities utilize a custom online password-protected customer instrument reservation and automated billing site. Programmable customer-specific electronic locks permit UCR researchers 24/7 access to all IIGB research instrumentation, enhancing productivity and security.

Keen Hall's instrumentation facilities are available during the day (8am - 5pm) to campus researchers and students.  If you are a UCR researcher and would like after-hours access, please complete the Genomics Building and Noel Keen Hall FOB Authorization Form, obtain the necessary approvals, and return to Genomics, Room 1206.

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