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We invite you to look around our affiliated websites for more information on our Institute, the  IIGB Core Facilities, the Center for Plant Cell Biology, and the Center for Infectious Disease Vector Research.


Specific Inquiries

please feel to reach out directly to our members or our staff. For more general inquiries, please email the appropriate contact below:


General IIGB questions


IIGB Core Facilities questions


For confidential comments about IIGB Core Facilities


Our Location



The Institute for Integrative Genome Biology is housed at the Genomics Building.

To mail to IIGB, please use the following address format:

"Recipient Name"

Genomics Building

900 University Ave

Riverside, CA 92521-0001



Our IIGB Core facilities are located nearby at the Noel T. Keen Hall wing of Batchelor Hall.

To send mail to the Cores, please use the following address format:

"Recipient Name"

Batchelor Hall - "Core Name"

900 University Ave

Riverside, CA 92521-001



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