Institute Leadership


The Directors of the Center for Plant Cell Biology and the Center for Infectious Disease Vector Research work in tandem with the IIGB Director to establish a collaborative vision across the Institute


Katayoon Dehesh, Director, IIGB

The Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB) was established in 2000 to pioneer solutions for hunger, disease and environmental sustainability – some of the greatest challenges confronting the 21st century. It pursues these aims by embracing advances in genomics technologies and the current trend for increasingly multi-disciplinary research in projects exploring the development of more nutritious foods, disease- and flood-resistant crops, alternative fuel sources and new medical and pharmaceutical treatments, to name a few

Julia Bailey-Serres (c) UCR-Stan Lim


Julia Bailey-Serres, Director, CEPCEB

Established in 2002 by Natasha Raikhel, the Center for Plant Cell Biology (CEPCEB) addresses significant questions in plant biology on a molecular level to meet such global challenges as improved nutrition, increased crop yield, resistance to pests, sustainable biofuels, and environmental conservation. To accomplish this, the Center engages its world-class researchers, the scientific community, and industry in interdisciplinary research

Karine Le Roch (c) UCR - Stan Lim


Karine Le Roch, Director, CIDVR

 The Center for Infectious Disease Vector Research (CIDVR), established in 2005 by Entomologist and Biochemist Alexander Raikhel as part of the UCR Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB), incorporates the most rapidly developing areas of biological research, such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and systems-based approaches, into vector biology

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