Seminar with Steve Kay

Symposia & Retreats



The Institute sponsors symposia and retreats featuring leading experts, which provide a forum for scientists and students to discuss novel ideas and techniques


CEPCEB Annual Symposium & Awards Ceremony

Established in 2002, CEPCEB organizes an annual Special Lecture and Awards Ceremony where an invited leading scientist presents his or her work and where postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students receive public recognition of their accomplishments. This year the event will be held on Friday December 8th, 2023. Register Here!


IIGB Post Doc Symposium

Initiated in 2013, this is a student-hosted annual symposium with postdocs and students selecting speakers, monitoring funds, and planning itineraries


IIGB Annual Symposium

Initiated in 2017, the IIGB Annual Symposium presents work from invited speakers, as well as a selection of talks from our membership’s diverse disciplines. The 2024 Symposium will take place on Friday May 10th from 1:00-5:40pm and includes talks from speakers: Dr. Hana El-Samad, UCSF, Dr. Daniel Petras, UCR, Dr. Karolin Luger, UCB, and Dr. Steve Kay, USC, with a reception to follow. 

Register here for the 2024 IIGB Symposium. 


Southern California Eucaryotic Pathogen (SCEP) Symposium

Sponsored annually by CIDVR, this Symposium brings together researchers from dozens of different labs at multiple universities that investigate the inner workings and host response of such diverse organisms as intracellular protozoa, helminths, and fungal pathogens.


Southern California Annual Plant Biology Symposium

Sponsored annually by IIGB, this Symposium brings together innovative researchers from UC’s, CSU’s and other institutions in the region for a day of talks. The 2023 Symposium will be hosted on Monday, October 30th. 

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