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Featuring leading experts, the Institute’s seminars, symposiums, and workshops focus on key topics and provide a forum for scientists and students to discuss novel ideas and techniques. IIGBCEPCEB and CIDVR seminars are scheduled on a rotating basis throughout the academic school year. Please feel free to contact seminar coordinators with ideas for invited speakers.

IIGB Seminars

The IIGB seminars are devoted to systems biology and high-throughput genomics across all organisms.  This seminar series features prominent speakers in the field.

The 2023 - 2024 IIGB seminar committee, under the guidance of Director Dehesh, is made up of the following members:

  • Dawn Nagel - Botany and Plant Sciences 
  • Sean O'Leary - Biochemistry
  • Joseph (Joey) Genereux - Chemistry
  • Simon (Niels) Groen - Nematology

Email the organizers: (Outlook / All other email platforms)

CEPCEB Seminar Series

The CEPCEB seminar series allows prominent speakers the opportunity to present and discuss noteworthy research discoveries in the fields of plant cell and molecular biology and genomics.

Seminar Coordinator - CEPCEB Faculty

CIDVR Seminar Series

The CIDVR seminar series presents and discusses topics related to the study and control of arthropod-vector borne diseases, and in the case of diseases such as malaria, the vertebrate host aspect of parasite development.

Seminar Coordinator - CIDVR Faculty


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