Latest News for July 10th, 2020

IIGB Martins-Green and colleagues publish on Oxidative Stress and Chronic Wound development

UCR faculty, including Manuela Martins-Green have recently published papers on their current research in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology and in Nature: Scientific Reports

New interdisciplinary research from plant cell biologist Carolyn Rasmussen’s group

Rasmussen and colleagues discovered the protein called TANGLED1 performs this microtubule controlling function by binding microtubules together like glue. Their description of how TANGLED1 operates was published in the Journal of Cell Biology. New interdisciplinary research published in the Journal of Cell Biology from Associate Professor and plant cell biologist Carolyn Rasmussen’s group describes how...

Plant vesicles inspire methods to protect crops

UC Riverside plant biologist, Hailing Jin, and her team are featured in an “Outlook” piece just published in Nature. The story focuses on how her group is developing sprays consisting of extracellular vesicles containing RNA to silence genes in fungal pathogens of crops. Jin says "that although some scientists are continuing to genetically modify vegetables...

Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia and Colleagues funded by USDA/CDFA

Congratulations! The University of California, University of Florida’s Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Texas A&M University, California State University, and the USDA – Agricultural Research Service’s National Clonal Germplasm Repository ‐ Tree Fruit & Nut Crops & Grapes, funded to develop strategies to increase marketable yield of pomegranate in California and Florida. Amount Awarded...
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