IIGB Seminar: Dr. Jianping Hu, Michigan State University

Jianping Hu
Genomics Auditorium 1102A

Title: "Photosynthetic and Photorespiratory Organelles: Dynamics and Role in Environmental Response"

If you cannot attend in person, please email for Zoom link.

Host: Ye Xu (Xuemei Chen lab)

Abstract: The life of eukaryotes relies on subcellular organelles that compartmentalize specific sets of biochemical and signaling activities, among which chloroplasts, peroxisomes, and mitochondria participate coordinately in energy metabolism such as photosynthesis and photorespiration as well as various other cellular functions crucial to development. Our long-term research goal is to understand how the biogenesis, motility, and activity of these organelles are regulated to meet the needs of a plant under the dynamic environment. I will provide an update of our research in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying the dynamic behavior of these organelles as well as the role of photorespiration in plant interaction with environmental stresses.

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