Plants3D Seminar: Steven Jacobsen, UCLA

Steven Jacobsen
Genomics Auditorium

Title: "Mechanisms and applications of DNA methylation and gene silencing in plants"

If you can not attend in person, please email for a zoom link.

Host:  Isaac Diaz, Plant3D Trainee

Abstract: DNA methylation is associated with transcriptional repression of eukaryotic genes and transposons.  Plants have evolved elaborate systems for the establishment and maintenance of DNA methylation, involving a number of self-reinforcing loop systems that allow for the heritability of DNA methylation differences though mitosis and meiosis.   My talk will be divided in two parts. The first will discuss emerging information on how DNA methylation is read and interpreted, and how it causes gene silencing.  The second will be the development of CRISPR based tools for the precise targeting of DNA methylation changes which can be used in basic plant research or in crop improvement projects.

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